Code of conduct

In order to help you use Zest properly, here is a few tips. By respecting those tips you will insure effective operation for all the users of the app.

How to give your mood usefully?

Sharing your mood enables you to see how your work influences on you. Try to give your mood at least once a day and actually it just takes 5 seconds. Then, you and HR teams can analyze what makes you happy at work or not. Giving your mood can then improve your working conditions. You can take a quick look at your mood evolution at the bottom of the page for the past few weeks, and compare it to your team’s mood average!

How to make a correct Feedback?

A feedback is a record on a discussion or a meeting : In order to be understandable and useful for each employee, it has to respect some basic rules. The post must be polite, organized, clear, and must not contain inappropriate statements such as racism, threats, homophobia, religious

  • Useful
  • Concrete
  • Respectful
  • Harmless

What is the best way to bring a new idea?

An innovative idea must be clear, complete and as simple and synthetic as possible, in order to enable everyone to read and understand it quickly. In this way, people will be more willing to vote for your idea, there will be and more chance for your manager or CEO to see it.
The idea can be linked to work, or working environment, or even something more personal, only if it remains reasonable.
Don’t hesitate to vote for or against your colleague’s ideas, by being honest, the best ideas will receive the more votes, and will then be read by your top manager, again in order to improve your working environment.

  • Clear
  • Complete
  • Synthetic
  • Polite

How to ask or give help properly?

When you are facing an issue, Zest enables you to ask for some help through your working teams and colleagues. For it to be useful, the message has to be very polite and nice to be sure someone will help you.
Helps work in both ways, to it to be useful, try to help others when they need too, only if you know you can. If you have the time and skills required, helping someone will always be rewardful.

  • Thankful
  • Clear
  • Polite
  • Detailed

How to use Key Values and how can it be fruitful?

Key Values allow you to classify your priorities at work, and then rate how your company takes them into consideration. In this way, your company can see what is important for its employees, and then do correct changes within the operation, again to improve your working conditions!
This tool is to be used every few months, probably no more than once a year, as your company is not changing its values so often, neither you.

How My Day can help you along the years?

This function is mostly useful for you as an employee, since you can leave a comment and analyze precisely your day. It is like debriefing your day with a friend or your family back home. Did you had a good or a bad day? But most important, why?
Based on classical themes (work, health, sense, logistics… etc.), you can take 2 minutes each day to evaluate what had impact on your working day. “I feel I had a good day because: I had good interactions with colleagues, I feel to be efficient, and I didn’t lose hours in the transportation… “
If you use it frequently, you should probably see trends on what influence your mood at work, then know you better and work on what you can improve. Self-quantify yourself at work! If you can follow the number of paces you make each day, you should be able – and interested – to follow your mood and efficiency at work!

What is Dashboard made for and how does it work?

Dashboard summarizes all you Zest activity in one page. You can then see how much active or not you were, if you have been helpful, creative, happy etc.

To sum it up, Zest isn’t compatible with:

– Extreme negative attitude
– Harassing behavior
– Revealing confidential/ private / secret information
– Inappropriate language
– Personal or company attack
– Racial, religious or sexual subjects

We value and protect our confidential information and we respect the confidential information of others
We will always act in the best interests of our Company
We insist on honesty and we respect the Company’s assets and property
We condemn any form of bribery and corruption
We compete and do business based only on quality and competence
We embrace diversity and respect the personal dignity of our fellow employees

=> It’s easy, and it makes life and work happier :-) Enjoy Zesting with us!