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Don’t wait for annual performance reviews.

Collect continuous feedback from your employees

Empower your employees

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If your mood is low enough,
you can do an Emergency Call
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1. Start pulsing

Let your employees share their mood and know how your teams feel instantly.

Get brand new insights from
your results!

2. Strengthen your diagnosis through polls

Submit recommended and custom surveys, from weekly open questions to monthly conversations.

You can also add tags to better organize
your feedbacks!

3. Develop a feedback culture

Give and ask for feedbacks. Also Free creativity and Unleash full potential of your talents.

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Our clients love Zest!

Emmanuel Ollivier

Director - Salvation Army Foundation

Social is not part of the feedback culture. We were looking for a tool that enables each employee to participate ant speak up. It is important to stimulate the critical spirit to be creative and innovative. Zest allows us to share feedbacks in a very simple way with a much faster temporality.

David Varras

Managing Director - T&B Vergers

We wanted to base all of our management practices on work well-being and happiness and, as a result, we chose Zest.

Nicolas Hernandez

Co-Founder & CEO - 360 Learning

Zest allowed us a global approach in all business levels. For collaborators, it brings more cohesion and solidarity. As for me, the app offers an effective tool to measure my employees pulse and detect low signals.

Catherine Boban

HR Director - Bouygues Construction

Zest doesn’t replace the face to face meetings, it completes them. It improves the transmission of information, which new generations particularly appreciate.

Jacques Pierres

Senior Partner - EY Audit

We have deployed Zest to release the natural goodwill between employees and encourage self-regulation within the teams. The first uses are very encouraging and we continue to share good practices and to encourage new uses

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Zest is free for 14 days. No credit card required.


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